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Product Reviews

Monaco Optix XR Pro 
The majority of images used in today�s digital workflow are downloaded from the web, captured on desktop scanners or captured via a digital camera, and the bulk of these images require significant colour corrections. So, how do we, the non-colour-correct-by-the numbers-majority, ensure we are sending accurate images to our clients or to press? The simple answer is to purchase a monitor calibration package.
Source: Gamut  Type: PDF  Published: 02/08/2005
   Size: 821K   

Pantone poll: Color viewing booth poll
On going results of Pantone's poll on color viewing booths for graphic professionals use
Source: www.pantone.com  Type: Website  Published: 07/27/2004

WMU ICC Profiling Review
The WMU (Western Michigan University) Profiling Review is a study of ICC profile making software. It is a unique "consumer report" that provides an independent, objective assessment of current software products and ranks them according to their accuracy. The report provides an analysis of profiling software and comments on their usability.
Source: www.wmich.edu  Type: Website  Published: 11/24/2003
Author: Western Michigan University