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Meet the people behind ColorManagement.com

ColorManagement.com is a website organized by Lida Jalali-Marschke of Color Management Distribution with the help of her Premier Consultants who are trainers and installers of color management products that understood the need for a definitive resource for color management technology.

Lida Jalali-Marschke has over twenty four years experience in the graphic arts industry and is currently distributing color management software, color measurement devices, and RIPs for consultants nationally. ColorManagement.com's mission is to help consultant based resellers better market to prospective clients by providing a portal for news, information, technical support, training, product and service sales for consumers and graphic professionals.

ColorManagement.com provides a single business entity for strategic partners, vendors and national accounts to do business with the best color management consultants in North America and Europe - all of which are listed as premier level consultants on the ColorManagement.com website. ColorManagement.com is the company which markets and brokers training for the Color Management Group.

The Color Management Group, founded in 2003 is a "think tank" consortium of consultant based resellers who share technical information/knowledge and work together to conduct co-marketing activites. Admission to the group is by peer sponsorship. Members are listed as premier level consultants on the ColorManagement.com website. Lida Jalali Marschke provides management of and marketing services for the group including news releases, mailing lists and sponsorship of ColorManagementGroup.com.

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PAUL GUY, MENTOR: This website is dedicated to Paul R. Guy, my former manager and mentor. Paul guided me both professionally and personally while working for Schawk. He is an authority on the technical aspects of color reproduction, with more than 50 years of experience in the graphics arts and photographic industries. Paul taught me to truly understand color and the importance of color measurement, color control, process control and what is now commonly known as color management. Thanks to Paul my passion for and dedication to the field of color management was cultivated then nurtured.

Paul Guy is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology's Department of Photographic Technology; was a member of the CGATS executive committee and the Committee for Graphic Arts Technical Standards; a former staff member of the Graphics Arts Technical Foundation (GATF) in photography and color reproduction; and is a past Chairman of the Scitex Graphics Arts Users Association. In September 1995 The Scitex Graphics Arts Users Association chose Schawk Inc. Vice President and Technical Director, Paul R. Guy as its "Person of the Year".

The Scitex award recognized superior service and dedication to the group, which strives to inform and educate on industry advances, printing processes and equipment. At the time, only three people had been awarded the honor of "Person of the Year". Paul worked for Schawk until he retired after a terrible automobile accident in 1998.