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Introductory articles and presentations

Reproduciendo El Color 
Una básica introducción al color y su reproducción. En esta parte aprenderás cómo percibimos el color y la luz, las propiedades del color y la mezcla de colores luz y colores impresos CMYK.
Source: progresa en color     Published: 07/15/2009
Author: José Luis Espinosa, progresa en color      

Color Management in EFI ColorProof XF 
Instructions on basic color management using EFI ColorProof XF.
Source: ColorTek  Type: PDF  Published: 01/09/2006
   Size: 42K   

Making a Process of Color 
Small-shop color management.
   Type: PDF  Published: 10/29/2005
Author: Lida Marschke  Size: 1.2MB   

Hexachrome Print Process 
Primary Considerations for Implementing Hexachrome Printing
Source: Digital Output  Type: PDF  Published: 09/10/2005
Author: Dan Reid  Size: 718K   

ICC based colour management can produce results that are so good it's almost scary...
Source: www.pixl.dk  Type: PDF  Published: 08/27/2005
   Size: 62K   

CM Theory 
All digital devices are different...
Source: www.pixl.dk  Type: PDF  Published: 08/27/2005
   Size: 269K   

Review of ProofMaster RIPs 
Deciding what RIP software to utilize can be a diffi cult decision when you consider there are over 40 Rips available and within the 40 there are a variety of market segments. Finding one RIP that can do it all can be challenging. For many digital imaging users there is the need to print full gamut RGB images from digital captures and also to be able to print CMYK fi les, as they would appear on an assortment of press conditions.
Source: Gamut  Type: PDF  Published: 08/26/2005
   Size: 591K   

An Introduction to Colour Management 
If you are new to colour management you may fi nd that many of the concepts and practices are overly complicated and full of twists and turns. Not only that, but there are a number of ways to explain how the process works and even more ways to put those theories into real work usage. When it comes down to it, real world usage is what it is all about, sure we can learn how Lab is a perceptual colour space that refl ects how the eyes see colour. But does that help us understand how to make our screen match our printer!
Source: Gamut  Type: PDF  Published: 08/26/2005
   Size: 719K   

Monitor Profiling and Soft-Proofing 
Monitor profi ling and soft-proofi ng has reached a level of maturity were it can be implemented into almost all areas of digital imaging. Personally, I don�t understand why anyone involved in this business would dream of not using this technology. Given the choice to see on screen an accurate representation of how the document will print or to �go by the number� I know what I will choose.
Source: Gamut  Type: PDF  Published: 08/26/2005
   Size: 461K   

Photoshop CS Tips and Tricks 
One of the reasons I enjoy working with Photoshop is that I can never learn all the program has too offer and I find it irresistible when I learn a faster and better way to compete a task. The latest version has a few gems that definitely will speed up those tiresome everyday jobs.
Source: Gamut  Type: PDF  Published: 08/26/2005
   Size: 536K   

Digital Proofing on a Shoestring 
The Epson 4000 inkjet printer solidifies the shift of accountability into the hands of the creator. Now the digital photographer can now optimize an image and within 3 minutes acquire a sellable piece of art. The commercial digital photographer can print proofs from his or her desktop that are compatible with digital proofers costing ten times more and the graphic designer can accurately produce CMYK proofs representative of the final press run � with an optional CMYK RIP.
Source: Gamut  Type: PDF  Published: 08/26/2005
   Size: 555K   

Better Consistency with Spot Colours 
I recently became aware of something so ludicrous that I have to share it with you. I always assumed that if I selected the same Pantone number, from the same Pantone library, in either Photoshop 7 or Illustrator 10, I would get the same CMYK build from both programs. This was not an incorrect assumption.
Source: Gamut  Type: PDF  Published: 08/26/2005
   Size: 260K   

Is It Time for an LCD Monitor? 
Since Apple made the switch to LCD monitors those involved in digital imaging and creative work have questioned if LCD�s are up to the task of displaying images as accurately as high-end CRT�s. The intention of this months article is to dig deep into the strengths and weakness of Apple�s new 20� and 23� Cinema Displays. The focus will be on using these monitors to accurately predict how a job will print on press.
Source: Gamut  Type: PDF  Published: 08/26/2005
   Size: 1.4MB   

Take a Bite out of Colour Correction 
This white paper takes the art of colour correction a step further, giving you the control to colour correct any image.
Source: Gamut  Type: PDF  Published: 08/26/2005
   Size: 664K   

Setting up an Accurate Colour Management Workflow 
Today�s digital sympathizers are faced with the challenge of wearing many different hats. Not only are they responsible for scanning, digital capture, colour correction, RGB to CMYK separations, colour management, in-house proofing but also content creation. In this article we are going to explore some of the things that can make this job a bit easier. So what steps can we take to ensure that the images we work with are going to reproduce as we had hoped?
Source: Gamut  Type: PDF  Published: 08/26/2005
   Size: 2.2MB   

Guidelines for Submission of Digital Files for Reproduction 
The goal of this document is to develop a set of specifications for use by creative professionals to include photographers and graphic designers. These specifications will allow for maximum reproduction print quality while expediting the production workflow. The digital specifications for image submission will address relevant key issues including size, effective file viewing, resolution, sharpening, compression, colour space options and digital proofs.
Source: Gamut  Type: PDF  Published: 02/08/2005
   Size: 509K   

RGB to CMYK Procedures 
With the proliferation of RGB images now being sent to prepress shops and printers it is essential that we establish some basic procedures for converting from the RGB colour space to the CMYK colour space. Colour Management has an inordinate number of options available to retain the appearance and faithfulness of an image as it moves through the workflow. The goal of this article is to outline the three fundamental steps necessary to ensuring the image is converted accurately.
Source: Gamut  Type: PDF  Published: 02/08/2005
   Size: 653K   

Color Management Explained
The International Color Consortium offers this layman�s explanation of the arcane science of color management.
Source: www.documentiq.com  Type: Website  Published: 02/03/2004

Introduction to an ICC profile
A detailed introduction to ICC profiles from the ICC organization.
Source: Color.org  Type: Website  Published: 11/23/2003
Author: International Color Consortium      

Slide presentation about ICC profiles
A slide presentation about ICC color managed workflows from the ICC organization. Available as PowerPoint of PDF download.
Source: Color.org  Type: PDF  Published: 11/23/2003
Author: International Color Consortium  Size: 2.7MB