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Advanced Articles and Presentations

Soft-Proofing in Photoshop 
How do you ensure that the image on your screen will reproduce accurately? First you need to make sure that your monitor is properly calibrated and profiled. Next, you need to dim the lights so you are not seeing any reflections on the screen and lastly, remember that bright lights and glare on the monitor greatly diminish your ability to evaluate shadow detail.

Debunking Colour Management Myths 
One of the biggest myths in Adobe Photoshop involves colour management. If you choose �Leave as is (don�t color manage)� or �Discard the embedded profile (don�t color manage)� you might assume that you are not using colour management. That myth is propagated by Photoshop�s choice of words - �don�t color manage�. They should have said, �Discard the embedded profile (don�t give a #$%@)� - but that wouldn�t have gone over very well.

Photoshop and Colour Management 
One of the greatest assets and potentially the greatest challenges of working with Adobe Photoshop is are so many options available when it comes to colour management. When working with colour it is essential that you have Photoshop�s Color Settings properly configured to give you the best possible reproduction quality possible.

Colour Management 101 
A Quick-Start Guide for implementing the basics of colour management.

GATF Color Management Conference 2003 PDF presentations
GATF 2003 Color Management Conference PDFs of sessions.

ICC organization list of Technical PDFs
List of technical articles by members of the ICC organizations.