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Rods and Cones Announces eBook "Graphics Gone Green"


Rods and Cones Announces Graphics Gone Green: Ways to Go Green Without Losing Your Shirt – an Electronic and Print-on-Demand Book for Creative Professionals.

San Jose, California November 4, 2009. Rods and Cones, Inc., Color Management Group (CMG) Founding Member, launched an ebook (PDF) and print-on-demand book that highlights sustainable workflows for all creative professionals, including graphic designers, product designers, web designers, print buyers, and production staff. At a time when the printing industry is in a period of deep transition, and the design industry is fundamentally rethinking standard ways of doing business, consumers and companies are beginning to embrace the idea of becoming more environmentally sustainable. Graphics Gone Green showcases the new technologies, ideas, and people who contribute every day to the new direction of these old professions. Creative professionals in the design, advertising, and printing communities, in particular, face the challenge and opportunity of finding ways to become more efficient and environmentally friendly, and these issues are addressed, step-by-step in the book.

The content follows a designer’s “typical day at work”, and shows how to work efficiently and profitably, while conserving all resources. The wide ranging topics include matters relating to your studio or work environment, tips on efficient Internet use, streamlining client and workgroup communication, “green” design strategies, sustainable packaging pointers, print-related issues, and finally, locating and working with sustainable print providers. “I’m ready to change how I work and this book is what I’ve been looking for,” says Dana Elliott of Girl Dog Studio.

Graphics Gone Green itself pushes the boundaries of publishing and environmental sustainability. It is one of a very small number of ebooks that was designed from the very beginning to be read digitally, with a unique interface, vibrant design, and multimedia functions not found in most ebooks, and not possible with traditional printed books. It was created and is distributed with a minimal carbon footprint, achieved with an array of practices and technologies that are also featured in the book. “When you buy this book, you're getting the knowledge and expertise of workflow experts from Rods and Cones bundled in. The topics they present are absolutely relevant to all design studios. I guarantee that you will get valuable advice on streamlining your projects and resources to protect the environment, while maximizing your profits” states Lida Jalali Marschke, Founder, The Color Management Group and owner of ColorManagement.com.

Graphics Gone Green is for creative professionals who are interested in building sustainable workflows from concept to output. The ebook shows how to reduce your carbon footprint at work, while running a profitable business. The ebook is available for download at http://www.graphicsgonegreen.com. For further information please go to www.graphicsgonegreen.com. If you would like to be considered for a review copy, please email your request to: erica@rodsandcones.com

About Graphics Gone Green
Graphics Gone Green was written and produced by authors Erica Aitken and Rita Amladi. They draw on original research, and many years in graphic and print design, digital workflows, instructional design, and content development to give you clear insight into developing effective and sustainable design campaigns. They include perspectives of many of the field's leading designers to show you how to approach the various challenges and opportunities in greening your studios, designs campaigns, workflows, and supply chains.

Contact Information
Erica Aitken, Publisher
501 Mission Street, Suite 3, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Office: 831-421-0131
Email: erica@rodsandcones.com

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