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EFI to Release XF Version 4.0 Q2 2009

EFI to release Colorproof XF version 4.0 Q2 2009 Overview of Upgrade Highlights:
• Dynamic Wedge • Intelligent re-linearization / re-ink-limiting • Enhanced Spot color simulation • Due to the printers with embedded spectrophotometers • New and improved GUI

Dynamic Wedge (patent pending innovation!)
• Analyzing of key colors included in a job • Dynamic generation of wedge containing the job key colors inclusive all spot colors to check the color accuracy of key colors within the job • Can be used to improve the color accuracy of the job by using the XF color optimization

Intelligent re-linearization / re-ink-limiting • Checking of calibration accuracy on the output device and bring it back into the original state if required. (For instance after changing inks, using a new box of media, before printing color critical jobs)
Enhanced spot color simulation • New technique is used to find the best possible CMYK values that lead to spot color simulations with challenging low dE ‘s

Due to the printers with embedded spectrophotometers: Job key color analysis, optimization and verification based on the dynamic wedge as well as on a static wedge and the print of the measuring report (label) directly on the proof

Ease of use:
• Wizards to easily license, register and set up application for any type of output (printer/file) • Environments (settings of workflow and output combination) • Intuitive one-click spot-color handling (as in EFI Colorproof eXpress)
Production: • Uniform page scaling • Conversion of colored files into grey scale prints • Enhanced tiling (Remove, merge and split tiles, select multiple tiles, Define tile size numerically (width and height), Nest single tiles including rotation • Intelligent PDF Ripping - only pages get processed out of the document which the user selected Cropping of PDF according to selected PDF box (all supported now) • Step & Repeat - Cropped Elements: First row / column describes max. width/height. Second rows /columns will be placed with defined offset.First and last image is cropped in a way that sticking together several printouts fits without any misalignments. • Quicker processing of ImageEPS and ImagePDF • Info about availability of new Job Monitor / Client updates • Automatic placement of jobs manually added to a nesting • Enhanced XF Control (Start XF client, Copy dongle ID, Activation Wizard) • Progress bar for file import
Job ticket and Control Strips:
• Adjustable job ticket font size, ticket width and height • Distance between job and job ticket definable • Support of company logo (EFI logo default) • Support of two control strips (dynamic & static) • Auto-positioning of control strip(s) and job ticket depending on the available space
• Enhanced linearization • Optimized GUI • New order of linearization steps • New Total Ink Limit • Barbieri LFP/Swing positioning • Enhanced Spot Color handling • 16 bit handling allows definition of precise L*a*b* values (for instance 10.18 instead 10)
• Restore of eXpress backup
Printer Drivers Integrated in setup now:
• Canon iPF 6000s / 6200 / 810 / 820 • Epson Stylus Pro 7900 / 9900 • HP Designjet 510 • OKI 3640a3 enhancements • New - HP Designjet Z3200
Integrated technologies & standards
• Adobe PDF Print Engine v2.0 • Selectable whether PDF files are processed with Adobe PDF Print Engine or Adobe CPSI • Adobe CPSI 3018 • Multiple CPSI - Usually one PDF/PS base format can processed at a time with one CPSI Multiple CPSI runs at most four CPSI instances, allowing the processing of up to four PDF/PS based files at the same time, if the PC has four processors, significantly reducing the total processing time • Windows Vista support
Grace Period:
• All EFI XF products v3.1 shipped between January 1, 2009 and the release will include an EAC that entitles users to upgrade to XF v4.0 free-of-charge.  A flyer inside the product package is informing the customer about the procedure
For customers who want to get XF v4.0:
• Customers have to contact their reseller • Reseller can order DVD free-of-charge
Customers with Software Maintenance Contracts:
• With availability of XF v4.0 customers with SWMC and SWMC/SSC (Combo) automatically receive the upgrade