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CMG Exclusive X-Rite i1 Bundles



Through October 31 2011, X-Rite’s industry leading color management and color measurement technologies are now available from CMG in 4 exclusive bundles. These bundles combine the best technologies for your specific needs, letting you calibrate, control, and master your color. Don't miss this opportunity to SAVE BIG!

For paper-based applications such as commercial printing and proofing. See color accurate results from display, to proof, to print. Integrated ink savings with “full black separation” option and deltaE reduction with “profile optimization”. Includes i1Display Pro precision colorimeter for display calibration and i1iSis A4 for automatic, precision print measurement.

  • i1Publish kit, i1Display Pro, i1iSis
  • MSRP: $4,763 | Sale Price: $3,999

    SAVE OVER $750

All the benefits of the i1 Calibrate bundle, plus an i1Pro hand held spectrophotometer for quality control. Use the "Calibrate" features of i1Profiler software with the iSis to optimize your color. Use the “Quality Control” and "Data Analysis” features with i1Pro to keep your system running within industry-standard or custom specifications.

  • i1Publish kit, i1Display Pro, i1Pro, i1iSis
  • MSRP: $5,762 | Sale Price: $4,759

    SAVE OVER $1,000

For packaging and wide-format users, media flexibility is key. This bundle includes the i1Display Pro for monitor calibration, the i1iO automated measurement table, an i1Pro, and the i1Profiler software which features ink savings, profile optimization, quality control tools, RGB and CMYK printer profiling, spot-color management with Pantone Color Manager software, and n-channel profiling for up to 8-colors!

  • i1Publish kit, i1Display Pro, i1Pro, i1iO
  • MSRP: $4,462 | Sale Price: $3,959

    SAVE OVER $500

i1 Master bundle is for printers who have both color critical paper applications, plus additional packaging or wide-format work. Included are the complete set of i1 technologies - i1Display Pro for display calibration, i1Pro for quality control, i1iO for automated measurement of flexible or think media, i1iSis A4 for precision calibration of paper applications, and the i1 Profiler software kit.

  • i1Publish kit, i1Display Pro, i1Pro, i1iSis, i1iO
  • MSRP: $8,057 | Sale Price: $6,799

    SAVE OVER $1,250

Each bundle includes a free 30-minute 1-on-1 webex with a CMG expert to help you set up your system. Expert products. Expert people. X-Rite and Color Management Group.

Contact us via email at info@colormanagement.com or call us at 877-265-7648

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