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ColorBeat Newsletter Nov. 2011


Welcome to the Color Beat, The Color Management Group's newsletter.

For those who don't know me, my name is Alvaro Rodriguez and I am the Global Expansion Director for CMG. On every issue we'll bring you news about our industry, technical tips, information about new products and what we're up to.

On this issue we share several articles from our blog, including our experience calibrating a couple of very different presses at the same time, a TechTip section and other pertinent information.

On a Flexo Press These Girls Never Looked so good!

This particular customer just purchased two new very different presses. A KBA Rapida 75 and a Marte BFM wide band flexo press. His requirement was that both presses match each other and their proofer. This is a very common scenario, where customers are crossing over different printing technologies and want similar results from all of them... Read more

TechTip: Where did the Library folder go?

When Apple introduced Lion a few weeks ago, one of the things that changed is that now the user's library folder is hidden. The idea is to better protect files from the hands of well intentioned users. The issue is that we, color management folks lost access to the ICC Profiles folder that's under the Library/ColorSync folder. How do we access it? Read more

Chances are there's a CMG Member very close to you.

The Color Management Group has established a network of Certified Color Specialists around the US, comprised not only of Color Management staff, but highly competent color professionals that work as our consultants. We can help you get the most from your color device, ranging from upgrades to your existing... Read more

About Color Management Group

The Color Management Group was founded in 2003 as a "think tank" consortium of consultant-based resellers who share technical information & knowledge.

Since its inception, The Color Management Group has generated some impressive stats. For example, over 37% of all G7 calibrations done in the US have been performed by CMG members. And more impressive still: if you add the combined experience off all its members you are looking at over a millennia of knowledge. That's a lot of expertise in just one group.

Contact us via email at info@colormanagement.com or call us at 877-265-7648

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