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ColorBeat Newsletter June 2012

Alvaros-Newsletter 3

A busy start of the summer season!

Last month we visited Drupa for 10 days. Drupa is the printing show of printing shows. And this year’s event was as interesting as ever. On this edition of the ColorBeat we’ll talk about our recent trip to Germany, Tucanna’s PrintControl and RapidCheck, Roland DGA, plus an invitation for you to attend a G7 Expert/Professional training we're hosting in San Francisco.
Speaking of Roland, last week we where invited to attend the Roland Academy for training that took place at the Richard Childress Racing headquarters in Welcome, North Carolina. It was a rare combination where race cars meet print. I invite you to read about our experience and everything else we’ve been up to on our blog.

Thank you and until next time,
Alvaro Rodriguez
Director of Global Expansion, CMG

Live from Drupa

Hello there. Today marks the halfway point for Drupa. There's one week left to show what the print world has to offer. I've been here for five days and am happy to report that I did not suffer from jet lag on this trip. Perhaps it's because having a 7 week-old baby at home is rougher than going across nine time zones!

Before I talk about the products we represent back home, I want to tell you about a few things that caught my eye... Read more

Tucanna introduces NEW PrintControl and RapidCheck

At last month's Drupa, Tucanna introduced new versions of PrintControl & RapidCheck. With over 1,100 installations to date, Tucanna responded with new versions that include all the popular features that customers have been accustomed to, plus new ones that were user requested.

RapidCheck allows you to control print quality in seconds for both process as well as spot colors. Simple reporting, troubleshooting advice, job comparison, and trending will enable you to keep your print quality up to the highest standards quickly and efficiently.
PrintControl is your companion for achieving high quality color and meeting standards requirements in a simple and intuitive way. With PrintControl, getting your printing optimized is... Read more

CMG Now Represents Roland VersaUV products

The Color Management Group is proud to announce our agreement with Roland to represent their amazing VersaUV products! These new UV printers and printer/cutters from Roland are going to revolutionize how you produce graphics of all kinds. Whether you need to print exhibit displays, indoor signage, labels, POP, promotional items, or package prototypes these devices... Read more

CMG is Hosting a G7 Expert/Pro Training in The Bay Area

Have you thought about becoming a G7 Expert or would your company would like to have an in house G7 professional? This is your chance: The Color Management Group along with Fong Brothers Printing are hosting a G7 Expert/Professional training taught by Don Hutcheson, July 24th though 26th at the Fong Brothers facility in Brisbane, CA. Read more

About Color Management Group

The Color Management Group was founded in 2003 as a "think tank" consortium of consultant-based resellers who share technical information & knowledge.

Since its inception, The Color Management Group has generated some impressive stats. For example, over 37% of all G7 calibrations done in the US have been performed by CMG members. And more impressive still: if you add the combined experience off all its members you are looking at over a millennia of knowledge. That's a lot of expertise in just one group.

Contact us via email at info@colormanagement.com or call us at 877-265-7648

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