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ColorBeat Newsletter May 2012

Alvaros-Newsletter 2

Hallo und wie geht es dir? It’s time for DRUPA!!!

The print show of print shows will take place in Dusseldorf, Germany this month. It starts this Thursday and it will go on until May 16th. From manufacturers to vendors, from software developers to press manufacturers, everyone who is involved with print will be there. DRUPA is where the print world comes to do business. We have created a DRUPA roadmap for you. Where we tell you about the company, some rumors we have heard and where you can find them at the show. If you’re going to DRUPA, let me know and I will personally show you to our partner’s booth’s.
Also in this issue, our own Dan Gillespie, Director of Technical Services at The Color Management Group, talks about tFlow and Measure Color. Plus I write about my experiences with G7 and FM screens. Thank you for reading and remember that there’s a lot more content about what we’re up to on our blog so bookmark it and stay tuned.

Auf Wiedersehen for now,
Alvaro Rodriguez
Director of Global Expansion, CMG

Your Roadmap to DRUPA

As you probably know Drupa is the worlds print show. It happens every four years in the city of Dusseldorf, Germany. Everyone will be there, from manufacturers, developers and users. The show starts next week and I'll be there. If you are visiting Dusseldorf for the show, please stop by any of our partner booths. And if you'd like to see me, send me an e-mail at alvaro@colormanagement.com. Read more

Your new workFlow, to a "t"

Hey Color Peeps, I've got another very slick new product to tell you about. It's called "tFlow" and it's made by this up-and-coming software development company, Tucanna Software, from Spain. Tucanna also developed "Print Control" and "Rapid Check" software, which some of you may know of. Your first impression of tFlow will, Read more


Attention Color Geeks!!! I'm blogging today about a pretty amazing product, and one that you might not have heard of yet. It's called MeasureColor - and that's exactly what it does. Most of us color peeps are already measuring color and doing some sort of process control to verify color on our output devices and keep track of color results per job or over time - if you're not, you need... Read More

G7 curves, GRACoL ICC profile and FM screens

The other day a customer approached us with a very interesting question: "Can the GRACoL2006 profile be used to print with FM screens?" What about existing G7 curves? The short answer is NO. The long answer is yes, but it requires some work. Read More

About Color Management Group

The Color Management Group was founded in 2003 as a "think tank" consortium of consultant-based resellers who share technical information & knowledge.

Since its inception, The Color Management Group has generated some impressive stats. For example, over 37% of all G7 calibrations done in the US have been performed by CMG members. And more impressive still: if you add the combined experience off all its members you are looking at over a millennia of knowledge. That's a lot of expertise in just one group.

Contact us via email at info@colormanagement.com or call us at 877-265-7648

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