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04/09 - CMG Newsletter

ColorManagement.com Rolls Out New Website

Colormanagement.com has rolled out a new website and online store on January 30th, 2009. The new website features a new design template and navigation which make it much more pleasing and user friendly as well as a complete overhaul of the online store with new and revised products catalogs and new categorization.

The new website also features a new blog which will be used to keep our members and clients aware of all the latest events, news, products, technology, and trends related to the graphic arts and more specifically color management related topics. Also new are the Color Management Forums were anyone can post questions and start topics related to certain products or processes and get feedback from our expert Color Management Group (CMG) members.

Please visit the new website at the same address as before - colormanagement.com and see for yourself.

CMG Releases EXTREME Color Management Videos

The EXTREME Color Management Conference was held in New Orleans September 16 & 17, 2008 and was Co-located with SPECTRUM and the G7™ Summit and G7™ Experts Re-certification Training. The inaugural EXTREME Color Management event was well attended and had many interesting and informative sessions which are now available to you on DVD.

You can purchase theses videos on DVD from our online store at http://www.colormanagement.com/store/CID202/PID1382

CMG Hosts EFI Certification Class

The first week in February, the CMG hosted the first EFI XF certification class for Color Management Experts and Certified resellers. The class was hosted in Lancaster, PA, by Dan Gillespie, Director of Technical Services. The next class is scheduled for late April. If you are interested in getting certified to sell and install EFI Colorproof XF and/or Fiery XF please contact Dan via email at dan@colormanagement.com

CMG Founding Member Bruce Bayne announces New Version of SpotOn! Featuring Activation Codes

SpotOn! Press, LLC is set to release SpotOn! version 1.2. Along with a bunch of feature refinements this is the first build to support the P2P25 using CGATS measurements (SpotOn! 1.2 does not directly scan P2P targets, you can import the data like Curve) and also the first build to support activation codes. With previous versions you had to measure the official SpotOn! colorbar provided with the software but with version 1.2 you can import existing measurements of the P2P25 chart. This means you can save space on press forms and eliminate double measurements in some cases. Using the new activation codes in version 1.2 (which are available to dealers) you are now able to test and/or demonstrate the software with time limited activation code. This is great for any client who wants to try the software before they buy it and for any dealer who wants to demonstrate the software for their prospective clients. The official resale version will still ship with and require a dongle.

The SpotOn! software is gaining popularity and customers are beginning to ask for it by name. Get your new build now and leverage it to sell more services to your pressroom clients.

CMG Member Chromix Announces ColorShuttle "Public" Beta Testing

ColorShuttle, Maxwell's new client application, bridges the gap between the browser and your computer. ColorShuttle 3.0 directly supports the i1 and iSis hardware and uploads measurements right into Maxwell Tracks for immediate use anywhere in the world. It also creates and monitors hot folders so you can measure color using practically any hardware and software that can save measurements into a file format Maxwell can understand (which is continually expanding). If you are eager to download and run ColorShuttle and get your displays and printers feeding data into Maxwell tracks then click here:


Alwan CMYK Optimizer 3.6 Released
Alwan Color Expertise has released a new update to their GATF Intertech award-winning workflow software, CMYK Optimizer. The new 3.6 version offers new benefits to CMYK Optimizer users including: New PDF Transparencies Management - Handle transparencies with total confidence with the use of global or selective PDF transparency triggers. Alwan’s proven technology accommodates Complex Transparencies, Sensitive Overprints and comes with user selectable output resolution; New Queue Manager - Makes it even easier to set up colour conversion queues with drag and drop, multiple selection, queue move, duplicate and show in Finder; New Pre-flighting Reports - Includes high TAC area display and clearer information on warnings, errors and fixed issues; and New Automount Manager - Use Automount Manager to seamlessly connect external volumes and Servers to Alwan CMYK Optimiser in your Workflow. Includes support for Mac (AFP), Windows and Linux (SMB). For more information see: http://www.colormanagement.com/store/CID122/PID1460

Create Perfect Print-Ready PDFs with Alwan PDF Standardizer
Alwan PDF Standardizer is an unprecedented solution that provides production workflows with state of the art quality controlled and standardized PDF files. This product includes three technologies embedded in a single application: CMYK Optimizer, Enfocus FullSwitch and Enfocus Pitstop. It is the first solution to deliver a problem-free PDF to recent and older workflow systems. http://www.colormanagement.com/store/CID122/PID1553

BlueCubit ImageNest
ImageNest version 1.2 (from BlueCubit) has over a dozen major new features, and much more in this free update. New Layout Interface, Batch File Sizing, and Printing of Embedded JPG files inside DNG files are just 3 of the many new features. Download ImageNest today to see the rest! To download a free copy please go to: www.bluecubit.com/files. You can purchase ImageNest from our store here: http://www.colormanagement.com/store/CID138/PID1252

EFI Releases XF Version 4.0
EFI has released Colorproof XF and Fiery XF version 4.0, their popular proofing RIP software. This new version features a new and easier to use graphic user interface, new Dynamic Wedge functionality that samples colors from actual jobs and allows you to check them in addition to color patches within verification color bars, a new and more intelligent re-linearization and re-ink-limiting functionality, enhanced Spot Color simulation, and better, more automated connectivity to inkjet printers with embedded spectrophotometers. This promises to be a very worthwhile upgrade so place your orders today at http://www.colormanagement.com/store/CID33/PID973 and your CMG expertand/or reseller will be credited for the order.

GMG Releases ColorProof Version 5.0
GMG has launched GMG ColorProof 05, a completely revised version featuring a simple, intuitive user interface; Proof Standard Technology and Calibration Sets that define parameters for correct, color accurate proofs, including: print standard, GMG color profile, proofing media, proofing printer and calibration set; Remote Proofing; Softproofing; Load Balancing; Filter rules for automated production; and optimized combined Form Function. This is a very worthwhile upgrade so place your orders today at http://www.colormanagement.com/store/CID10/PID1410

X-Rite Promotion - Extended another Quarter!
X-Rite has some very attractive promotions running through the end of June, 2009. There is a 25% discount on i1iSis and i1iO with purchase of an i1XTreme, a Trade-Up promotion for existing ATS/ATD users which will save them $7,500 on a new IntelliTrax Spectral w/HH, a Trade-In savings program for old 938 models to new 939 or 530, and they have also extended the Upgrade promotion for vipFLEX to VipFLEX2 until May 31st. You can get all of the details for these promotions on our website at http://www.colormanagement.com/industry_news_and_events/x-rite-sales-promo. Don't miss out on these great promotions!