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What is Measuring Stick?

MeasuringStick™ is a free program by Color Management Group, designed to help you be more competitive in print business. MeasuringStick scores your internal print quality by measuring samples that you submit and evaluating answers that you provide in a brief questionnaire.

MeasuringStick not only scores your internal quality, but also tells you how you rate agaist the population of records in the database. So what if you score a 7? If everybody else scores a 6, you’re golden. If everybody else scores a 9, then you know that your quality could be more competitive.

There is no product to buy. We will do the measurement for you. Just send us your printed MeasuringStick control bar and your completed form. We’ll send you the results. Simple.

How do I use Measuring Stick?
The process is easy.
  • Download the MeasuringStick Print Quality Kit
  • Print the MeasuringStick control bar according to the instructions
  • Complete the Measuring Stick print quality questionnaire
  • Mail printed result and completed questionnaire to CMG
  • Receive your MeasuringStick report card by email
Get Measured!
Send your completed form and printed samples to:

Color Management Group
c/o Measuring Stick
1853 Harrington Drive
Lancaster, PA 17601

1 week required for data processing and report creation


Please contact us with your questions at:
(877) COL-RMGT [877-265-7648]

Why do I want to use Measuring Stick?

Understanding quality and competitiveness gives you the edge. MeasuringStick helps you better understand whether or not your print quality is competitive, and what you can do to improve it.

Investing in hardware and software to improve your quality is expensive - both in cost of goods and man-hours that your company will spend putting new tools to work.

MeasuringStick makes your investment decisions easy. The MeasuringStick report card provides graphs that illustrate your compliance to industry specifications, as well as providing views of different print attributes. Every time you submit data to MeasuringStick, we keep track and record your score over time. MeasuringStick not only helps you understand your print quality today... but the quality of your print from day-to-day.

How much does Mesuring Stick cost?

It's free

The only cost cost to you is the prepress time required to lay out the MeasuringStick control bar in a print job, the time to fill out the bar, and the postage to mail it to CMG.
That’s it!



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