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Piccus 4 Color
Lehi, UT
David Piccus
David Piccus
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Piccus 4 Color is in the business of implementing color management solutions, installing and maintaining color systems and RIPs, training people in color management and generating profiles. Certified in the G7 GRACol process to maintain color management control on proofers and presses, while utilizing ICC profiles to create accurate characterizations of those devices. These proofers are accurately predicting the color of the printing standards they have been tasked to emulate. Piccus 4 Color has significantly reduced their prepress costs by maintaining these contract proofers in proper color balance. I also consult and train in ICC color management software and workflows, including X-Rite, Kodak-Creo, Gretag Macbeth, ICS Remote Director, Monaco and ColorBlind. Setting up Proofers and RIPs to accurately predict color output has been a large part of my work using GMG, EFI XF, Absolute Proof, ORIS, BEST, Onyx PosterShop, Wasatch, ColorBurst and many other state of the art workflows. I was the Technical Support and Training Manager for Color Solutions, Inc. (ITEC), creators of the well-known ColorBlind Suite of Color Management Software. I train and provide application support for a wide variety of clients using ICC color management. These clients encompass the film, photo, printing, packaging, newspaper and digital reproduction industries.
Language(s): English
Regions Served


Markets Served
  • Advertising/Design/Illustration
  • Fine Art Printer
  • Flexography
  • Internet
  • Lithographer
  • Newspaper
  • Packaging
  • Photographer [Photo Agency]
  • Photographic Lab
  • Production Art/Prepress
  • Screen Printing
  • Wide/Grand Format [non fine art]
Software/RIP/Workflow Experience
  • Absolute Proof
  • Adobe
  • CGS Oris ColorTunerColorBlind
  • ColorBurst
  • Dupont
  • EFI ColorProof
  • EFI OneFlow
  • EFI XF
  • Enfocus PitStop
  • GMG ColorProof
  • GretagMacbeth
  • Hexachrome
  • ICS Remote Director
  • KPG MatchPrint ProofPro
  • MonacoProfiler
  • Onyx PosterShop
  • Pantone
  • Quark
  • Wasatch
  • X-Rite
Special Skills
  • Color Control [develop and establish deviation tolerances]
  • Color Management
  • Color Measurement
  • Color Reproduction
  • Color Science
  • Develop custom house standard
  • Digital or film based Proofing
  • Image Evaluation
  • Matching Color Proof to Press
  • Press checks
  • Press testing
  • Pressroom Development of procedures and policies
  • Pressroom Equipment evaluations/recommendations
  • Pressroom Optimization
  • Pressroom Training
  • Printing Standards [International]
  • Printing Standards [US]
  • Printing to SWOP or GraCol
  • Process Control
  • Process Control in Print Production
  • Process Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality Control
  • Transition from film to CTP
Certified Trainer/Installer
  • Absolute Proof
  • BestColor
  • CGS Oris ColorTunerColorBlind
  • CMG Founder
  • ColorBurst
  • Creo
  • Creo Prinergy and Brisque
  • Dupont
  • EFI BestColor
  • EFI OneFlow
  • EFI XF
  • GMG ColorProof
  • GRACoL 7 Method
  • GretagMacbeth
  • GretagMacbeth PM5 Packaging
  • ICS Remote Director
  • KPG MatchPrint ProofPro
  • MonacoProfiler
  • Onyx PosterShop
  • Pantone Hexachrome
  • Wasatch