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Straightline, LLC

O'Fallon, MO
Robert Baldwin
Robert Baldwin
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Bob has worked in the printing industry for over 20 years. Starting as a four color film stripper in 1988, he worked his way through many jobs in various shops gaining a wide variety of experience on many different workflows.

Bob started Straightline, LLC in 2000 and now offers a diverse set of skills to complete any job from color management, networking, workflow consultation and implementation to G7 Master Printer certification.

In the complex area of prepress, it's good to have someone who can work through any potentially project stopping problem without having to rely on additional services from a third party source. Even though Bob specializes in color management, he is also a Microsoft Certified Professional and NetPlus certified giving him the skills to fix network or operating system issues should they arise.
About the Company
Straightline, LLC is a complete prepress consulting and reseller service. Offering a wide range of application support on Mac and PC platforms to full color management solutions. A certified reseller for a wide selection of products including Epson Professional Graphics, Canon, EFI, Colorburst and Proactive Technologies and GMG to name a few.
Our Clients
Boeing Company
Corporate Express
Language(s): English
Regions Served

Central, Mid-Atlantic, Mountain, SouthEast, SouthWest

Markets Served
  • Advertising/Design/Illustration
  • Flexography
  • Packaging
  • Screen Printing
  • Wide/Grand Format [non fine art]
Software/RIP/Workflow Experience
  • Artwork Nexus
  • ColorBurst
  • Creo Prinergy and Brisque
  • Dupont
  • EFI ColorProof
  • Enfocus PitStop
  • GretagMacbeth
  • Rampage Rampage
  • Screen TrueFlow
  • Xitron Xenith
Special Skills
  • Color Management
  • Color Reproduction
  • Digital or film based Proofing
  • Matching Color Proof to Press
  • Printing to SWOP or GraCol
  • Process Control
  • Process Control in Print Production
  • Process Management
  • Quality Control
  • Transition from film to CTP
Certified Trainer/Installer
  • Artwork Nexus
  • BestColor
  • CMG Affiliate
  • ColorBurst
  • EFI BestColor
  • EFI XF
  • KPG MatchPrint ProofPro