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Elevated Color

Denver, CO
William Owen
William Owen
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G7 Expert. Color Management Guru! Prepress and Printing Expert. Certified by many industry leading manufacturers such as GMG, CGS, EFI, Xitron, AGFA, Kodak, Best Color, Ryobi, Idealliance, and many more. I started my own company "Elevated Color, LLC" in March of 2008. We provide Field Service for the printing industry as well as produce Museum Quality Giclee' Prints and Vinyl Banners. Currently in my 29th year in prepress and printing technologies, I spent 19 years doing prepress work including old school typesetting, camera work, pasteup, dot etching, strippping, etc. With the advent of digital prepress, I was fortunate to work with progressive companies that kept up with leading edge technologies. I eventually gravitated toward color management over 20 years ago while employed as a Crossfield 630 scanner operator and Scitex Prisma operator. I've worked in every prepress environment and capacity imagineable including staff management. My most recent experience was working for xpedx/International Paper for the past 9 years as the "Applications Specialist" covering the Rocky Mountain Region from Montana to New Mexico. Based in Denver, Colorado, I have travelled the USA as an installer/trainer of prepress software, hardware and color management systems. I have advanced knowledge and experience in all areas of prepress, printing and color management including pressroom analysis and G7 expert certification. Too much experience to list it all here, so shoot me an email with questions pertaining to your environment. I just may have the tools to help ya!

William Owen
About the Company
www.elevatedcolor.com -- First and foremost, we are all about COLOR.

We are certified and insured color experts that bring nearly 30 years of experience with prepress, printing and color management to your facility as well as ours. Whether it’s calibrating a monitor, a printing press or an inkjet proofer to international standards such as G7, GRACoL or SWOP or calibrating our equipment to produce museum quality fine art Giclee prints in an extended color gamut,we’re on the job – WHERE COLOR MATTERS!

We eat CMYK for breakfast, RGB for lunch and LAB for dinner! We can help you achieve color fidelity with your equipment today.

We’ll come to you and we’ll bring all of the necessary tools to calibrate your equipment. Give us a call or shoot us an email today. We’d love to hear from you.
Language(s): English
Regions Served

Central, Central, Mountain, Mountain, Pacific, SouthWest, SouthWest

Markets Served
  • Advertising/Design/Illustration
  • Fine Art Printer
  • Gravure
  • Lithographer
  • Newspaper
  • Packaging
  • Photographer [Photo Agency]
  • Photographic Lab
  • Print Buyer
  • Production Art/Prepress
  • Wide/Grand Format [non fine art]
Software/RIP/Workflow Experience
  • Adobe
  • Agfa Apogee
  • CGS Oris ColorTunerColorBurst
  • Dupont
  • EFI ColorProof
  • EFI XF
  • Enfocus PitStop
  • GMG ColorProof
  • GretagMacbeth
  • Hexachrome
  • KPG MatchPrint ProofPro
  • MonacoProfiler
  • Onyx PosterShop
  • PDF/X
  • Pantone
  • Quark
  • RAMpage ICC/Color Management
  • X-Rite
  • Xitron Xenith
  • Xitron XiFlow
Special Skills
  • Color Control [develop and establish deviation tolerances]
  • Color Management
  • Color Measurement
  • Color Reproduction
  • Color Science
  • Develop custom house standard
  • Digital Image Capture
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Digital or film based Proofing
  • Image Evaluation
  • Imaging Science
  • Matching Color Proof to Press
  • Materials optimization
  • Press checks
  • Press testing
  • Pressroom Development of procedures and policies
  • Pressroom Equipment evaluations/recommendations
  • Pressroom Optimization
  • Pressroom Training
  • Printing Standards [International]
  • Printing Standards [US]
  • Printing to SWOP or GraCol
  • Process Control
  • Process Control in Print Production
  • Process Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality Control
  • Transition from film to CTP
Certified Trainer/Installer
  • Agfa Apogee
  • BestColor
  • CGS Oris ColorTunerColorBurst
  • CMG Member Consultant
  • EFI BestColor
  • EFI XF
  • GMG ColorProof
  • GRACoL 7 Method
  • GretagMacbeth
  • GretagMacbeth PM5 Packaging
  • KPG MatchPrint ProofPro
  • Onyx PosterShop
  • Xitron Xenith